CREEKS.オリジナルCD「after the rain」


This is the second video from the album " after the rain " is going to be released in the end of July.

It was recorded using "YAMAHA U7" which is the rare upright-piano made in 1972. at small cafe "CREEKS." in Yufuin where is very quiet and small hotspring resort located in the southwest Japan. especially in night time Yufuin,darkness is so beautiful, 

Please enjoy a piece of warm sound image surfaced lightly at one night after the rain.
2 more videos are exhibited every 1 week.and the album going to release in the end of July.and available to get from all over the world.

コンサートシリーズ「旅する音楽」を企画する私たち湯布院 CREEKS.は、幻の名品と言われる自慢のアップライトピアノ「YAMAHA U7」(1972年製)で、雨上がりの夜に、ふわりと浮かび上がった一編の暖かな音像を "after the rain "と名付け、大切に記録しました。

untitled-3 from the album " after the rain" from Yoshiyuki Tanigawa on Vimeo.


「after the rain」リリースに関するご案内の登録はコチラ

 after the rain " silence in CREEKS."

・album title:after the rain " silence in CREEKS."

・music:yufuin silence feat. akira uchida

・piano:YAMAHA U7(made 1972) played by akira uchida

・movie, photography:takuya ishikawa

・direction:yoshiyuki tanigawa[Tabisuru-ongaku / CREEKS.]

・label:creeks. "SCAATY" music

・recorded at CREEKS. [yufuin, japan]